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4 Reasons Emotional Data Is Key for Building Brand Loyalty – Adweek

4 Reasons Emotional Data Is Key for Building Brand Loyalty – Adweek


4 Reasons Emotional Data Is Key for Building Brand Loyalty – Adweek


Brands looking to win customers for life should consider their emotional states and incorporate that data into all relevant touch points along the path to purchase.

That’s according to a new study from Deloitte Digital on how emotions impact long-term customer loyalty.

Here are the top takeaways:

1. Love equals loyalty

Based on a survey of 1,000 consumers, Deloitte found emotional factors are key to building an audience of loyal, enthusiastic customers. In fact, 58% of participants cited feelings like “love,” happiness and adoration to describe how they feel about their favorite brands.

2. Values and perks only last so long

While shared values like social responsibility and more rational considerations, such as price and same-day delivery, are important at the beginning of a brand relationship, the study found rational considerations and shared values diminish in importance over time, and emotional connections become more essential.

3.  Communication is key

Deloitte found 70% of consumers welcome a two-way relationship with brands that includes feedback and personalized customer service. And while 59% said they don’t want the company to respond to a positive review on social media, 54% do want a reply within three days to a negative post.

4. But don’t overdo it

This openness has limits, however. While 57% of consumers expect brands to know their customer service history, 35% do not want even their favorite brand to know their browsing history, even if that means they’d get more relevant ads or better help from chatbots.

According to Deloitte, these findings demonstrate the need for brands to better understand customer emotion throughout the purchase cycle and apply relevant data to “contextually and automatically interact with customers at scale.”

“We embarked on this study to uncover what emotionally connects consumers to organizations and how business can build stronger, long-term customer relationships,” said Anthony Stephan, U.S. head of Deloitte Digital, in a statement. “We found that building more emotionally intelligent platforms that leverage emotional data at scale will be one of the most important opportunities for companies to drive real business results.”


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