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7 Strategies for Targeting Amazon Shoppers on Prime Day – Adweek

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7 Strategies for Targeting Amazon Shoppers on Prime Day – Adweek


During most of the year, a good rule of thumb for Amazon advertisers to target ads is using customer intent: previous search, browsing and purchase behavior.

The reason is simple: Amazon has a heck of a lot of shopper data. This is true 365 days a year, but Prime Day is not just any day—or, for the first time, two days. This 48-hour window is a frenzy of deals, so consumers’ prior (and future) intent on the site is a less effective targeting tactic. So what’s a brand to do?

Consider these seven Prime Day marketing tactics, which also happen to be classic quotes from films that are, naturally, available on Amazon:

1. “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate.” —Cool Hand Luke

Because search behavior shifts, advertisers can instead target deal-type keywords or related terms on Prime Day. In a way this is still targeting customer intent, just in a slightly modified way, said Drew Kraemer, CEO of ecommerce-focused digital agency Marketplace Strategy.

2. “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys.” —Dead Poets Society

In addition, Kraemer said Amazon’s media group creates Prime Day packages for display advertising based on the number of impressions a certain category will likely get. This is an easy way for brands to realize their impression goals, he noted, as brands that take advantage can end up with as much as 75% of the display inventory in a specific category on Prime Day.

3. “Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer.” —The Godfather, Part II

Another Prime Day-specific tactic is to build new audiences based on competitors’ Prime Day deals, Kraemer said.

This works in the same way as advertisers using intent to discover other categories of interest to their customers. For example, an Amazon shopper buying coffee pods also purchasing pet food or dairy products.

“We can create a campaign to target these category groupings and help scale product awareness outside of the relevant category,” said Tanya Zadoorian, senior marketplace channel analyst at digital agency Tinuiti.

4. “I’m going to make him an offer he can’t refuse.” —The Godfather

Or, brands can simply offer a really steep discount with the hope of moving enough product to make the thinner margin work. David Hutchinson, national director of paid platform merchandising at digital agency iProspect, said some of his clients use this tactic.

In addition, Melissa Burdick, president of ecommerce platform Pacvue and former Amazon category and advertising manager, said brands and sellers can create Prime member-only deals, including giving them early access.

“Amazon knows what products you are looking at and when you are looking at them.”

—Tanya Zadoorian

“Typically, during this event, sellers/brands will set up deals for Prime members as they have a greater opportunity to show on pages like the deals page or coupons page,” Zadoorian added.

5. “You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?” —Dirty Harry

Per Hutchinson, another approach is offering Prime Day-exclusive products because, in part, Amazon highlights new products as Prime Day Launches.

6. “I could’ve been a contender.” —On the Waterfront

Brands can also choose to simply run more ads by upping their spending to make sure their products are in the spotlight, Hutchinson said. At the same time, he cautioned advertisers to consider historical data on consumer behavior and expected uplift. By looking at return on ad spend (ROAS) and cost per conversion during Prime Days past, brands can make better-informed decisions about what to spend on future Prime Day promotions.

sherlock holmes with a magnifying glass

7. “Elementary, my dear Watson.” —The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

And then there are Lightning Deals, which should be a main focus of third-party sellers with Seller Central accounts, according to Chris Rawlings, CEO of Amazon optimization company Judolaunch.


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