A Year’s Supply of Cheez-Its Is Hidden in a Bunker. Can You Decipher the Clues to Find It? – Adweek

Cheez-It has launched a digital scavenger hunt for fans to find a year’s worth of its new Cheez-It Snap’d products.

Perhaps a bit cheekily, the brand’s marketers say the stash was a necessary move after the product line was snapped up by shoppers.

“Our fans love a great snack, and Cheez-It Snap’d offers them a completely new experience,” says Jeff Delonis, senior director of marketing for Cheez-It. “After seeing the snack fly off shelves, we wanted to ensure Cheez-It Snap’d were kept safe for our biggest cheese-loving fans.”

Hidden somewhere in the United States are 365 bags of four flavors (Jalapeño Jack, Cheddar Sour Cream & Onion, Double Cheese, and White Cheddar & Bacon), of the thin, crisp snacks, or one bag a day. This could be the perfect scavenger hunt for doomsday preppers and Keto dieters (kind of) alike.

Beginning this week, clues are being posted to Twitter using the tag #SnapdSearch for scavenger hunters to follow.
According to the brand, “hints will be dropped four times next week, including on the Cheez-It Twitter and also in person near the location of the bunker.” The bags might be anywhere from “a cheese cave, an old cellar or a retired subway tunnel.”

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