Apple Turns Privacy Into a Laughing Matter in Its Latest Spot – Adweek

We’ve all laughed out loud at a text, but do we usually associate that with data privacy?

Apple hopes people make the connection in a new spot, “Privacy on iPhone-Inside Joke.” The one-minute advertisement is a continuous shot of a woman locked in on her phone and laughing (not an uncommon sight at a nail salon), but the woman’s laughter only grows louder and sillier as the iMessages keep pouring in.

The ad is full of howling cackles and obscure looks, yet we have no idea what this thread of levity is all about until the tagline appears⁠—”iMessage encrypts your conversations because not everyone needs to be in on the joke”—reminding Apple users of the push for heightened personal security.

Apple has been highlighting iPhone security in recent ads, with the work depicting moments of privacy in our everyday lives. This is matched by the company’s new features; at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), iOS 13 was introduced, to be launched this fall. One privacy measure that comes with the update is Sign In with Apple, a new way to sign in to apps and websites that shares minimal data.

With high-profile hacks and leaks occurring seemingly every other week, tech companies are becoming a laughing stock. Hopefully Apple can not only take a joke, but fix the problem.


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