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Apple TV+ Ad Shows How a Few Words Can Change Everything

Apple TV+ Ad Shows How a Few Words Can Change Everything


Apple TV+ Ad Shows How a Few Words Can Change Everything

We journalists certainly know the power of a few words—and specifically how much a story can be changed by moving them around. Apple TV+ puts that truth to compelling effect in its newest ad from TBWAMedia Arts Lab, which highlights the subscription streaming service’s original programs. The spot writes out some rather humdrum concepts for TV shows and movies, then makes relatively small edits that inject a substantial amount of drama.Unlike what you’d expect from broadcast networks, Apple TV+ doesn’t lean into its new or upcoming programming. Instead it blends them in alongside its existing slate, such as M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant (about a couple hiring a nanny for an eerily lifelike doll) and Ronald D. Moore’s For All Mankind (about an alternate timeline in which the USSR beat America to the moon).This approach of incorporating older and newer content—like its Tom Hanks World War II film, Greyhound—likely illustrates that the service is still trying to reach potential subscribers unfamiliar with the kind of content it’s offering for $4.99 a month.Obviously the ad makes time to feature The Morning Show, Apple TV+’s first critical hit, which won multiple awards in its first season, including an Emmy, SAG Award and Critics Choice Award. (Is the show also a hit in terms of viewership? With the lack of publicly disclosed ratings, even the stars aren’t sure.)Apple TV+ debuted in late 2019 amid a crush of new streaming services and struggled a bit out of the gate to justify even a $5 monthly price point. It has since made a few notable programming moves, including landing Jon Stewart for his first hosting gig since leaving The Daily Show in 2015. Apple also announced the ability to add Showtime and ad-free CBS All Access for $10 a month, a significant discount from what Apple TV+ subscribers would have to pay for the two services separately. The new Apple TV+ programming ad will run on digital video, social media, broadcast, TikTok and Snapchat.

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