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AT&T Renames DirecTV Now to AT&T TV Now as It Continues to Sunset the DirecTV Brand – Adweek

AT&T Renames DirecTV Now to AT&T TV Now as It Continues to Sunset the DirecTV Brand – Adweek


AT&T Renames DirecTV Now to AT&T TV Now as It Continues to Sunset the DirecTV Brand – Adweek


Say goodbye to DirecTV Now. AT&T’s live TV subscription streaming service has a new name: AT&T TV Now.

The rebranding, which AT&T announced to customers on Tuesday, marks the continued sunsetting of the DirecTV brand since AT&T acquired the cable company in 2015 and comes amidst a larger investment from the media giant into streaming services: In addition to HBO Max, which the company is readying for spring 2020, the company plans to test a new internet-streaming TV service, called AT&T TV, in select markets this summer.

In a statement, an AT&T spokesperson said the rebrand was “aligning the DirecTV Now experience under the same brand family” as AT&T TV. The forthcoming product has been described as a “thin client video service,” but other details, including pricing, haven’t yet been announced.

For customers, the rebranding of DirecTV Now is not expected to cause any major hiccups other than a requirement to re-accept the terms of service, the company said. The rollout will appear in the coming weeks, AT&T said, and the app will update automatically.

“In an effort to deliver the best service possible across our products, we will soon be reintroducing the DirecTV Now experience as AT&T TV Now,” the company said in a note to existing DirecTV Now customers. “In the coming weeks, your DirecTV Now app will change to AT&T TV, but will continue to deliver the same great streaming entertainment. As an existing customer, your service will carry on as usual without any interruptions.”

DirecTV Now was introduced in December 2016 as a cable alternative for customers who didn’t want the long-term commitment of a cable package. The streaming service presently costs $50 a month at minimum and offers customers access to major linear cable channels including TBS, TNT, the CW and FX. For a higher monthly fee, it also offers offers additional add-on packages that include access to other channels like Showtime and Cinemax.

DirecTV Now has about 1.3 million subscribers, including both subscribers and people who had obtained a free trial of the service, a net loss of 168,000 customers, the company said in its most recent earnings report.  The company said that loss was due to fewer promotions for the service.

In recent quarters, the company has recorded substantial losses in its pay-television business. In the second quarter of 2019, the company recorded a net loss of 778,000 premium TV customers. (The most recent total subscribers for AT&T’s pay TV business was a still-substantial 21.6 million customers.)

In a recent earnings call with shareholders, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson was optimistic about AT&T TV, saying that the service’s lower price point would help shore up the company’s pay-TV consumer base as the steady trend of cord-cutting continues.


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