Behar: How many ex-officials have to call Trump stupid till Americans ‘get with the program?’

“View” host Joy Behar seemed annoyed on Wednesday that her fellow Americans don’t agree with her views on President Trump’s intellect.She pointed to officials like former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who allegedly called the president a “moron.””I mean, how many more people does he have to fire and how many more of them have to say he’s stupid before Americans get with the program and get this guy out?” Behar asked.More from MediaCo-host Meghan McCain responded that Behar gave the same version of that “soliloquy” every day. “I believe in saying the same thing every day until people get it,” Behar said.”Trump does it — he lies every day, the same stupid lies every day, and a lot of people believe it.”JOY BEHAR SCOFFS AT TRUMP JR. AND IVANKA REPORTEDLY VYING FOR POWER: FAMILY OF ‘MEDIOCRITIES’Her comments came after former National Security Adviser John Bolton disputed Trump’s claim that he requested Bolton’s resignation.Behar seemed to take Bolton’s contradictory claim as a way of adding to previous statements that knocked Trump or his intelligence.CLICK HERE TO GET FOX NEWS APP”If one more person calls this president a moron, it’s like get a clue,” she said before rattling off reported insults from different advisers.As for Bolton’s departure, Behar said “good riddance.” “He’s a fan of that fascist in Brazil who wants to destroy the rainforest, he wanted to bomb Iran and North Korea — he’s crazy, too,” she said.

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