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Biden administration ‘took a chainsaw’ to energy industry, global security: Dagen McDowell

Biden administration 'took a chainsaw' to energy industry, global security: Dagen McDowell


Biden administration ‘took a chainsaw’ to energy industry, global security: Dagen McDowell

Dagen McDowell said that President Biden’s energy secretary Jennifer Granholm “took a chainsaw…to one of our most valuable industries…and…our global security” Friday on “The Five.”Granholm laughed recently when asked about her plans to increase American oil production, saying “that is hilarious” and explaining that oil is a “global market” controlled by OPEC – which she said had decided not to increase oil production.McDowell fired back, saying the United States “controlled the price until you took a chainsaw – you and your liberal nuts – to one of our most valuable industries, and took a chainsaw to our global security. You handed power to nations that hate us. …And she can laugh about that, too.”MARC THIESSEN: BIDEN ADMIN INFLATED GAS PRICES BY ‘DECLARING WAR ON FOSSIL FUELS'”Is it too much to ask that the secretary of energy actually understands how the energy sector works and how energy production works?” McDowell asked. “Is it too much to ask for her to give at least a small, cold, damn about the suffering that all Americans are facing as they try to say, ‘Oh, do I eat spaghetti for dinner? Or do I buy a steak because I’ve got to fill up my car tomorrow morning?'””The Five” co-host further explained that under former President Donald Trump, the U.S. “control[led] the global price of oil” because it “had so much spare production capacity.”Co-host Jessica Tarlov agreed “[i]t’s not a good idea to laugh at voters” and co-host Lawrence Jones noted the irony of the Energy Secretary for a self-proclaimed “empathetic” president laughing in the face of Americans suffering under high gas prices and the steepest inflation in 30 years. Co-host Jesse Watters ripped President Biden, “You just got on your knees and begged OPEC to increase [oil] production, and they just gave Joe the middle finger.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”Wait until winter comes…,” he continued. “You know how expensive home heating prices are going to be? You’re going to have high home heating prices, high inflation, high gas prices. That hasn’t happened since the ‘70s. Remember what [former President Jimmy] Carter said in the ’70s? ‘If you guys are cold in your house,’ he said, ‘put a sweater on.’” 

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