Bogdan Terzi, an expert in Marketing and Business: ‘You can take out a reputation loan’

Everyone knows: business needs money. If you do not make regular investments in your business, it will quickly fall into decline. This fact is valid in Finance and it turns out to be true in relation to another currency — good reputation. “Reputation capital is no less important for business than money,” says Bogdan Terzi, a marketing specialist, producer, and recognized business expert. Like money, a good reputation can be earned, outsourced, or borrowed.

If they don’t talk about business, it doesn’t exist. If they talk badly, would it be better if it didn’t exist?

Bogdan Terzi, a marketing specialist about a destructive impact of bad reputation

What is worse for business — lack of reviews or bad reviews on the internet?

‘This arrogant phrase “Black PR is also PR” came from the show biz and firmly settled in people’s minds. What is more, they take PR as rumors, gossip and opinions,’ says Bogdan Terzi. The business expert illustrated his point: “It is arrogant because the speakers put themselves above the public opinion. After all, there is another famous phrase which ends up with ‘if the team spits on you, you will drown’. In the show biz, negative publicity can work but not always, though it is destructive for regular business, says Bogdan Terzi. A marketing specialist and a producer, the head of an advertising company and the organizer of several show projects, he clearly distinguishes between these two aspects. ‘Both lack of reviews and negative publicity will make your potential customers prefer your competitor,” stresses the expert. But, in the former, they will quickly forget and you will get a second chance.’

Where can a start-upper get positive feedback and how to deal with negative publicity?

Positive reputation on the internet is a very complicated tool, the expert says. On the one hand, it is easier and faster to earn a positive reputation on the internet than establish a word of mouth offline. On the other hand, it is not enough just to make a good product or provide quality services. ‘People are not eager to share their positive feedback with strangers on the internet. They can long gush out with praise during the kitchen table talk, but Google will never know about it. Although, any discontent will spread with maximum speed, ‘ says Bogdan Terzi. The marketing expert offers SERM technology as a solution to the problem (SERM – Search Engine Reputation Management). Like SEO (search engine optimization), SERM can be used for improper purposes, e.g. to promote and whitewash dubious projects but, as you know, any invention can be both beneficial and harmful. However, without these tools, any business environment would face with stagnation, the expert believes. Just because the “fresh blood” wouldn’t be able to break in.

Bogdan Terzi is a business expert who knows everything about reputation management

Bogdan Terzi, a marketing expert who is fixing business reputation issues

Building a positive reputation by specialists from scratch can be considered as a reputation loan. In the future, it is important to support it by positive activity. The same applies to dealing with negative feedback. If it hasn’t shown up by chance, it is a trend, so it will probably appear again. ‘ For those who disregard reputation management, I suggest thinking about competitors who might not be so picky, says Terzi. ‘And perhaps at this particular moment they are hiring a not-so-picky SERM specialist to ruin your earned in blood and sweat reputation.’

Take care of your honest name, be proactive and work with the best, advises Bogdan Terzi, expert in Reputation Management. You can get answers to all your questions on this subject by signing up for a counseling session through his personal website.