Bride-to-be caught trying to scam hotel with painfully obvious scheme: ‘We thought she was having a psychotic break’

Weddings are expensive, so it’s understandable for couples to try and save a few dollars here and there. That doesn’t excuse attempted fraud, however.

A hotel worker shared a story to Reddit revealing the time that a bride-to-be attempted to scam the establishment. Unfortunately, her alleged plan seemingly wasn’t very well thought out and the hotel saw right through it.

In a story that appeared on Reddit’s Bridezilla forums, the author claims that several years ago, they worked at a hotel that was “popular for wedding receptions.” According to the post, the establishment had “beautiful grounds for photos, great food and a lovely dining room.”

“We had a wedding coordinator who made a wedding plan book with everything you could think of from colored ribbon samples balloon choices food lists you name it, it was in this book and the bride got a copy of everything,” the poster said. “Brides were invited to view the room the night before the reception to approve table placement and we had one table fully set as an example with flowers etc.”


Unfortunately, this specific incident didn’t go well. When the bride showed up, it seemed like everything was wrong. “Bridezilla turns up late for her viewing and goes crazy to the point we thought she was having a psychotic break,” the post claims. “…the china was the wrong pattern, the silverware was wrong, the glasses weren’t cut crystal, the flowers were wrong the ribbons were the wrong shade everything was wrong we were ruining her wedding.”

At this point, the wedding coordinator reportedly took the upset woman into her office and called the fiancé. This is where things started to fall apart for the bride-to-be. “Everything we had done was right according to the wedding book everything checked with the bride and literally signed off (she made the bride sign for everything as it was picked and any changes were signed next to),” the post says. “Her fiancé went out to the car and brought in a file with her dream wedding reception in it she had literally pasted cut out articles from magazines over her copy of the wedding book thinking we would honor it at the last minute. So she was told that she either abided by the contract she made with us or she could have her dream wedding but no reception and the hotel would sue her for the costs.”

“The reception went ahead without a hitch, and everyone said it was wonderful. Thank god for Valium,” the story concludes.

Users on Reddit were not impressed with the scheme. One user commented, “Pretty much, I think (the coordinator) had dealt with bridezillas before and came up with the book out of self-preservation, everything was documented and signed. Stops the lawyers making money but it doesn’t stop a bride from losing their shit though.”


Other users agreed that the “wedding book” was a good idea, with one posting, “The book and contract have all the markings of “lessons learned the hard way.”

Another user added, “That is an exceptionally smart wedding coordinator. She has all the receipts!”


Other users were surprised that the groom went along with such a seemingly poorly thought out plan. One user posted, “What surprises me more than the bride being unreasonable is the guy playing along to a level where he brings an edited file to the reception that has originally created it… or was he not even aware?”

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