Cam Newton talked to only one other team in offseason aside from Patriots, NFL insider says

The hype behind Cam Newton has been high since news broke over the weekend that he agreed to a deal with the New England Patriots, but one NFL insider says only one other team in the league was interested in talking with the 2015 MVP.Newton’s future in the NFL began to dwindle after he was cut from the Carolina Panthers and remained a free agent well into the offseason as quarterback slots began to fill up.ODELL BECKHAM JR. SHOOTS DOWN PATRIOTS TRADE RUMORS: ‘WE GOT UNFINISHED BUSINESS’ On Sunday, multiple reports revealed that Newton and the Pats agreed to a one-year contract, which could be worth up to $7 million in incentives.ESPN reported that it was Newton’s only offer, albeit still a good one, and that the only other team to even approach the injury-prone quarterback was the Cleveland Browns.“The truth of the matter is that Cam Newton did not have any other offers from any other teams. There was nobody that was calling him and lighting up his phone, trying to recruit him to a certain city,” ESPN’s Adam Schefter said Tuesday.RAIDERS’ MARK DAVIS ONLY OWNER TO VOTE AGAINST NFL’S PLAN TO COVER SEATS NEAR FIELD: ‘NOT READY TO GIVE UP YET’“There was one other team that did have one conversation with him. It was very brief, it didn’t go very far but the Cleveland Browns did speak to Cam Newton at one point and time but those talks never really went anywhere.”Newton expressed his excitement to join the Patriots franchise in a video Monday but reiterated previously claims that he never wanted to leave the Panthers.CLICK HERE TO GET MORE SPORTS COVERAGE ON FOXNEWS.COM“I’ll say this right now: I never once wanted to leave Carolina. Don’t let them make you believe anything else. It was their decision, I stuck with it, and I knew that, so I asked for a trade. Everything else? That’s BS.”

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