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Crime in Washington, DC has made city akin to San Francisco: Chris Bedford

Crime in Washington, DC has made city akin to San Francisco: Chris Bedford


Crime in Washington, DC has made city akin to San Francisco: Chris Bedford

Washington, D.C. has become akin to San Francisco, The Federalist senior editor Chris Bedford said on “Tucker Carlson Today,” noting that he and many others were looking to leave the nation’s capital.”There are shops you don’t want to go into. There are restaurants you don’t want to go into,” he said. “I have friends who’ve moved out of the city because of this.”Bedford noted that this crime wave is not happening in the wealthy neighborhoods where D.C.’s elite lives, but rather in poor, predominantly Black neighborhoods. Neighborhoods are being “degraded,” he said, but “not, of course, where the mayor lives.”SAN FRANCISCO FAMILIES NO LONGER ‘FEEL SAFE,’ HIRE PRIVATE SECURITY AMID CRIME SPREE”Not, of course, where the city council lives, but in a lot of areas, it’s being degraded,” Bedford continues. Bedford blamed the policies of the city’s Democrat leaders for the surge in crime. “A city council that refuses to give the money to even hire police, while the police numbers decline because they want to choke them out because they think that they’re unjust,” said Bedford. “Turns out, there’s not that much to hold the city from barbarian rule.” SAN FRANCISCO TURNED ‘FROM PARADISE TO PURGATORY’: VICTOR DAVIS HANSONBedford said some elites in D.C. are beginning to wake up to the crime surge because it is happening near them. “In the city, now, people are starting to care,” he said. “Because it’s happening at Nationals Park.””A lot of people are waking up. A lot of apolitical people are waking up.”Politicians, however, have not changed their stripes, Bedford said. “A lot of apolitical people are waking up. But the political folks have generally been doubling down,” he said.  “Don’t come to Washington, D.C. It’s like San Francisco.” New episodes of “Tucker Carlson Today” are available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday exclusively on Fox Nation. Join Fox Nation today to watch Tucker’s full interview with Wilfred Reilly and other great episodes.CLICK HERE TO GET FOX NATIONFox Nation programs are viewable on-demand and from your mobile device app, but only for Fox Nation subscribers. Go to Fox Nation to start a free trial and watch the extensive library from your favorite Fox News personalities.

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