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Dan Bongino rips left-wing crime policies on ‘Fox & Friends’: ‘How can they be so stupid?’

Dan Bongino rips left-wing crime policies on 'Fox & Friends': 'How can they be so stupid?'


Dan Bongino rips left-wing crime policies on ‘Fox & Friends’: ‘How can they be so stupid?’

Dan Bongino, former NYPD officer and host of “The Dan Bongino Show” on Fox Nation, argued on “Fox & Friends,” Monday, that Democrats “have essentially become pro-crime.” Bongino believes that due to the fact the left despises Republicans with such severity, liberals would rather “stick it” to GOP members than help solve the crime surge happening in the U.S.FORMER NYC POLICE COMMISSIONER WARNS WE ARE GOING BACK TO THE ‘BAD OLD DAYS’DAN BONGINO: David Horowitz has this theory and it explains why the Democrats have essentially become pro-crime. He calls the Democrats the anti-anti-communists. Right? People wonder all the time, why is it Democrats will support Iran even if they throw people who are gay off buildings? How is it that Democrats are pro-crime? And it’s because you have communists, right? And that’s largely become the radical left. Then you have us. We’re the anti-communists, we’re like, hey, that’s really bad. And then the Democrats who hate us so much, they become the anti-anti-communist. So whatever we’re for, they’re against. So if we’re like, hey, we like law and order, they’re like you know what? We’re pro-crime, crime is great. I’m serious. You read Horowitz’s material and it explains the left. So, like, how can they be so stupid?WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE:

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