‘Deplorable’ graffiti found at European Union’s Israel mission sparks condemnation

The European Union’s diplomatic mission in Israel reportedly was vandalized Sunday with the words, “German money kills Jews,” and “EU get out,” sparking condemnation from officials there.The graffiti was spray-painted on the door and walls at the entrance to the EU offices in Ramat Gan, The Times of Israel reported, adding that Israeli police were investigating. An Israeli activist and a mother who lost her child while serving in the Israeli military allegedly were behind the vandalism, according to the newspaper which cited Israeli television station Channel 12.TRUMP SAYS HE AND NETANYAHU DISCUSSED POSSIBLE US-ISRAELI DEFENSE TREATYVideo broadcast by the station showed right-wing activist Sheffi Paz, who has railed against a wave of migration to Israel, in front of the graffiti, saying, “We are here because enough is enough. Stop intervening in Israel’s domestic policies, stop subsidizing terrorists, stop financing illegal immigration or get out of Israel.”The video also showed a man, apparently a security guard, approaching the pair who continued to vandalize the entrance as he confronted them. They were not immediately arrested, The Times of Israel reported. BRITISH FOREIGN SECRETARY: UK WILL LEAVE EU WITHOUT A DEAL IF NECESSARY, BY END OF OCTOBERThe European Union’s ambassador to Israel, Emanuele Giaufret, tweeted that the office was closed on Sunday and no one was inside when the incident took place.“Today the lobby of the EU Delegation was vandalized with threatening slogans on the walls,” Giaufret tweeted. He added, “This incident is deplorable and has to be condemned. We will continue to do our job.”The EU mission reportedly wrote in a statement that it contacted law enforcement and the foreign ministry to “ensure that adequate security measures are taken.”Minister of Foreign Affairs Israel Katz tweeted that he condemned and was “appalled by” the act of vandalism, calling it “disgraceful.” “Israel is committed to maintaining the security of all diplomatic missions,” Katz tweeted on Sunday. “The Israeli police are investigating the case, and I expect the culprits will be swiftly brought to justice.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPPaz did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. However, she tweeted on Sunday, “The EU is funding our child killers and infiltrators’ associations. It’s time for them to stop.”

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