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Deroy Murdock: Beto’s gospel is despair

Deroy Murdock: Beto's gospel is despair


Deroy Murdock: Beto’s gospel is despair

Liberal stalwart Jesse Jackson once led blacks in chants of “I am somebody.” In 2008, an even-more-left Obama rode “Hope” and “Yes, we can!” all the way to the White House.But today’s left preaches to blacks a gospel of despair.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR OPINION NEWSLETTERIn the eyes of the New York Times’ 1619 Project, America is latched to its slave-owning past as tightly as Earth is tethered by the sun’s gravitational pull. And relentless incantations of “white privilege” reinforce that bright coin’s darker side: “black disadvantage.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBehold the words of flaky far-left presidential wannabe Robert Francis O’Rourke. He goes by “Beto,” a culturally appropriated nickname that his politically savvy father gave him so he eventually could bamboozle El Paso’s overwhelmingly Hispanic voters into believing that the tube-sock-white Robert is actually Roberto and, thus, Hispanic. This poser told the New Hampshire Democratic Party convention last Saturday that America in 2019 is defined by its original sin: slavery.“This is a country that has been defined by foundational, systemic, endemic racism since the very founding of this country,” O’Rourke shouted, his arms typically flapping about, like the late Leonard Bernstein conducting the New York Philharmonic. “August 20th of 1619 — the first time that a kidnapped African was brought here against his will and made to serve as a slave to build the greatness and the success and the wealth of this country, which his descendants would never be able to fully participate in. This is the reality of the United States of America.”CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THIS COLUMN IN THE NATIONAL REVIEWCLICK HERE TO READ MORE BY DEROY MURDOCK

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