DJ Jazzy Jeff Discusses His McCormick Partnership, Grilling and, of Course, Summertime – Adweek

Twenty-eight summers after the release of his perennial hit Summertime with The Fresh Prince, DJ Jazzy Jeff has a new collaboration focused on a related theme: grilling.

This time around, his partner is pitmaster Myron Mixon, the so-called winningest man in barbecue, and the two are kicking off a new summertime grilling season by celebrating music and flavor as ambassadors for seasoning and sauce brand McCormick.

“One of most under-appreciated parts of a barbecue is the music,” Jazz told Adweek. “My job is to add the music.”

That’s precisely what they did while unveiling a concept grill with built-in turntable.

They’ve also already produced sponsored content on behalf of French’s Mustard, which is one of the sauces in McCormick’s portfolio. A video featured Mixon’s recipe for a Triple Mustard Bacon Cheeseburger and Jeff’s tips for the best music for summertime grilling. The brand ambassadors will be livestreaming on Instagram to create more recipes and tracks. Additional recipes can be found on McCormick’s new microsite,

Jazz said they’ve been working together for a few months now; the partnership is a natural fit because, in part, he cooks three meals a day at home, in addition to snacks like what he called his “world-famous popcorn.”

“It’s interesting to open your seasoning cabinet and realize 99% of your seasonings are McCormick,” Jazz added.

His lips are pretty much sealed when it comes to the secret to that popcorn, which may or may not include Old Bay Seasoning. (Mixon recommends butter and Lawry’s Seasoned Salt.)

For his part, Mixon has been working with McCormick for a few years, but the 57-year-old said his relationship with the spice brand began at the age of nine when his dad began teaching him how to barbecue. And, as a professional—and competitor—he said he values McCormick’s reputation.

“Talking from a competitive barbecue standpoint, when picking ingredients to make a unique sauce, you’re not going to skip on quality,” Mixon added.

While Jazz says he doesn’t care about genre as along as music makes him move while he grills, Mixon’s preference is for both grilling and smoking is classic rock.

“I thought it was good [partnership] because I am not the professional griller. I’m the professional griller in my mind,” Jazz said. “It’s a marriage of the music part and the barbecue part. They go together so well that I think this is made to be put together.”

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