Elvira Gavrilova – the Chief Editor of the international glossy business magazine

Glossy magazines, published for the wide audience, are mostly focused on one area, such as fashion, politics, economics, sports or cars. In these terms, glossy business magazine Financoff is unique. This monthly business publication covers most various areas of interest: from business to tourism, beauty industry, and entertainment. Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of Financoff, will tell more about the glossy magazine.

Elvira, could you tell us how Financoff’s story began?

This is one of my first projects. When I got down to this work, the publishing was produced under the name “Money Plus” and was largely focused on business and finance. After 17 years in the Ukrainian media market, the magazine was rebranded. I aimed at increasing its audience dramatically and becoming a market leader. “Money Plus” got the new name of “Financoff”, which is much better perceived in the international format and maintains the image of the leading glossy monthly publishing about finance. We broaden the topics the magazine covered which guaranteed the continuous growth in the number of our readers. Today, the circulation is 63,000 items. The statistics also show that ratings are still high even after we have launched the magazine’s online version, which is not typical for other printing materials.

The updated publishing targets the wide audience

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How would you define your mission? 

To create a high-quality Ukrainian product, competitive in Europe.

In your opinion, how can Financoff’s success be explained?

I believe the secret of the popularity of our business magazine is quite simple – it is the correct proportion of thematic content. Every reader can find something interesting here – no matter if he or she is interested in business, culture, show-biz interviews, traveling, or recent news of social life. We do our best to publish only meaningful and up-to-date materials.

Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor, who believes it is important to produce a first-class product

Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor, revived the glossy business magazine Financoff

Did it take courage to take such a step and make a fundamental change not only in terms of the magazine’s design but in its content, too? The publishing had been known for many years and the reaction it could have triggered among the readers was unpredictable.

Of course, such decisions come with certain concerns. However, there is no growth without risk. Besides, the editorial staff monitor readers’ needs and interests, predict the development trends and what exactly is currently in demand – this is always a comprehensive approach.  Our critics would claim that in such a format, the publishing wouldn’t survive and it would eventually be closed down. But it turned out that not only had we survived but also shaped kind of a trend – our format is now followed by other magazines.

The editor’s job is to monitor the image of the publishing, says Elvira Gavrilova, the Chief Editor of the glossy monthly business publishing

What is Financoff’s future?

Along with a larger number of readers, the glossy magazine now has larger geography, too. For instance, today, Financoff is published both in Ukrainian and in English. You can buy it in Poland, Vietnam, Mexico and Great Britain. Recently, this list added Italy, with Portugal and Monaco are expected to join soon – we have already reached an agreement on distribution. The publications in Ukrainian are going to be distributed in the countries which are the home for the Ukrainian Diaspora. We are working now on adding “Education” and “IT” topics to the list of the magazine’s main topics.

Thank you for your time, Elvira.

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