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Eric Swalwell ‘compromised’ by Chinese spy, doesn’t belong on House Intel Committee: Wenstrup

Eric Swalwell 'compromised' by Chinese spy, doesn't belong on House Intel Committee: Wenstrup


Eric Swalwell ‘compromised’ by Chinese spy, doesn’t belong on House Intel Committee: Wenstrup

Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, said Monday that Rep. Eric Swalwell D-Calif. has been “compromised” and should no longer serve on the House Intelligence Committee. On “America Reports,” Wenstrup said that Swalwell’s past relationship with a Chinese spy and claims about Russian collusion speak to Swalwell’s inability to recognize foreign intelligence schemes.HOUSE MINORITY LEADER MCCARTHY TO CALL FOR REP. SWALWELL’S REMOVAL FROM INTELLIGENCE COMMITTEEBRAD WENSTRUP: “You know, in the military, we get vetted on whether we are able to get classified materials, top-secret material and it’s extensive. They go back into your background, through your whole life. But, we don’t do that in Congress. So, you’re allowed to get elected and put into a position of really great responsibility and Eric Swalwell’s been compromised…He was either naïve or gullible, but either way, he didn’t recognize what this woman was doing, which to me would say you don’t belong on the Intelligence Committee. But, when you’re compromised you’ve done something which you shouldn’t have done and in the military when that happens you’re removed from the military…CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIf you think about what he’s been engaged in the last four years was pure politics. He’s been out there advocating for this Trump-Russian collusion scheme that was brought on by Democrats and to this day he has not even admitted that the dossier was false. So it seems that he’s incapable of recognizing foreign intel schemes and therefore he shouldn’t be on the committee.”CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW

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