Ex-Clinton aide says she would ‘ankle dive’ to stop Hillary from running again

Jennifer Palmieri wants to spare her former boss the misery she would encounter in another presidential run, saying she would “ankle dive at the door” to prevent it.

Palmieri served as communications director for former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. During an interview on Thursday, Palmieri said she “loved” Clinton too much to let her make another run at the Oval Office.

“If Hillary Clinton ran for office again, I would do an ankle dive at the door to not allow her to do it because I love her too much,” she said.


Palmieri indicated that Clinton’s presidential bid showed politics was “all broken,” claiming that it was difficult for her to run as a woman. “I wanted her to be the first woman president, but she’s going to be the woman who showed us that it’s all broken,” Palmieri said.

“I feel like that was her mission, as heartbreaking and unfair as it is,” Palmieri noted that the Clinton campaign actually set out to prove that a woman could do the job of president the same way it had traditionally been done — by a man.

“I did not think it was going to be hard or a big deal to elect the first woman president… I just did not appreciate how deep some of the perceptions that we have of women are,” Palmieri also said.


Her comments bore a resemblance to those Clinton made in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election. At the beginning of 2018, Clinton claimed “misogyny and sexism” were part of the election.

“Some of it was old-fashioned sexism and the refusal to accept the equality of women, and certainly the equality of women’s leadership,” she said.

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