Facebook Detailed 4 Updates to Its Terms of Service in an Attempt at Clarity – Adweek

Facebook updated its terms of service to make four topics easier for people to understand: how the company makes money, content removals, users’ intellectual property rights and what happens when people delete content they shared.

Vice president and associate general counsel Anna Benckert said in a Newsroom post that the updates will go into effect July 31, adding that many of the changes are the result of the company’s work with the European Consumer Protection Cooperation Network, as well as ongoing conversations with regulators, policymakers and consumer protection experts globally.

The social network’s terms of service now provide more details on how Facebook makes money, including a new introduction that reinforces the fact that people do not have to pay to use Facebook due to the payments it receives from advertisers.

More information was also added on what happens when Facebook removes content that violates its terms or policies.

Facebook stressed that people own the IP rights to content they upload to the social network, such as photos and videos, but doing so grants the company permission to perform actions such as displaying that content. Once content is deleted, that permission ends.

Finally, more details were provided on what happens when a person deletes content they shared via Facebook, such as pointing out that this content is no longer visible, but it may take up to 90 days for it to be removed from the social network’s systems.

Benckert wrote, “People should have clear, simple explanations of how online services work and use personal information.”

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