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Facebook Detailed an Ambitious 5-Year Diversity and Inclusion Plan – Adweek

Facebook Detailed an Ambitious 5-Year Diversity and Inclusion Plan – Adweek


Facebook Detailed an Ambitious 5-Year Diversity and Inclusion Plan – Adweek


Facebook set a lofty diversity and inclusion goal for the next five years, saying that it is aiming for one-half of its workforce to be made up of women, African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Pacific Islanders, people with two or more ethnicities, people with disabilities and veterans.

The company added that it intends to double the number of women globally and African Americans and Hispanics in the U.S. over that five-year timeframe.

Global chief diversity officer Maxine Williams said in a Newsroom post introducing the company’s sixth annual diversity report, “It will be a company that reflects and better serves the people on our platforms, services and products. It will be a more welcoming community advancing our mission and living up to the responsibility that comes with it.”

Women currently account for 36.9% of Facebook’s global workforce, up from 36.3% in 2018.

Females hold 23% of technical roles at the company, up from 21.6% last year.

On the business and sales side, 57.2% of Facebook’s positions are held by women, up slightly from 57% in 2018.

And 32.6% of the company’s senior leadership posts are held by women, up from 30% last year.

In the U.S., 43% of all roles are held by Asians (41.4% in 2018), 5.2% by Hispanics (4.9%), 3.8% by African Americans (3.5%), 3.1% by people with two or more ethnicities (3%) and 0.7% by “other” (0.6%).

Those figures for technical roles in the U.S. are 52.3% Asian (from 50.3% last year), 3.5% Hispanic (3.1%), 2.3% two or more ethnicities (2.2%), 1.5% African American (1.3%) and 0.4% other (unchanged).

For business and sales positions in the U.S., 24.7% were held by Asians (24.5% in 2018), 8.8% by Hispanics (8.4%), 8.2% by African Americans (7.6%), 4.6% by people with two or more ethnicities (4.5%) and 1.2% by other (unchanged).

Finally, Asians hold 24.9% of senior leadership roles in the U.S. (21.6% last year), while Hispanics hold 3.5% (3.3%), African Americans 3.1% (2.4%), people with two or more ethnicities 2.9% (2.4%) and other 0.3% (0.5%).

Williams said in her Newsroom post that the majority of new female leaders at the company over the past several years have been internally promoted, adding that since 2014, the number of African-American women employed by Facebook has increased by 25 times and the number of African-American men is up 10 times.

She also pointed out that veterans now make up 2.2% of Facebook’s workforce, saying that the company’s programs on this front include a military skills translator to help veterans navigate opportunities and a mentorship program through its Vets and Allies Facebook Resource Group.

Some 8% of U.S.-based Facebook employees identified as LGBTQ+ in a voluntary survey, Williams added.

She concluded, “Getting it right is critical to Facebook and to the communities and countries where we work and live. We are dedicated and willing to try new things, and we’ll get there.”


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