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Facebook Discovered and Removed More Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior in Myanmar – Adweek

Facebook Discovered and Removed More Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior in Myanmar – Adweek


Facebook Discovered and Removed More Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior in Myanmar – Adweek

Head of cybersecurity policy Nathaniel Gleicher said in a Newsroom post that the people behind this activity used fake accounts to promote content, boost engagement and manage groups and pages.

Gleicher added that legitimate news and entertainment content was repurposed, and content included posts on national and local topics including crime, ethnic relations, celebrities and the media.

Facebook’s investigation found that some of the people involved were associated with the Myanmar military.

According to Gleicher, roughly 900,000 Facebook accounts followed one or more of the removed pages, while some 67,000 joined at least one of the groups and about 400 people on Instagram followed one or more of the accounts on that platform.

Under $1,200 was spent on Facebook and Instagram ads, paid for in U.S. dollars and Russian rubles.

Gleicher also shared some examples of content that was removed from the social network:

Page Name: Myanmar Media Watch. Translation: The hottest pictures of recently famous actress Shwe Mone Yati. Currently, Shwe Mone has a beautiful and romantic life. Her social media features how her caring boyfriend loves her. Just recently, Shwe Htoo gave her a hat worth 8 lakhs as their anniversary gift and told how much he loves her. Despite the criticism, she shared through her social media how much they love each other and are happy together. Today, Shwe Mone Yati posted hot pictures on her social media account. The fans are also surprised as they had never seen her in such style. Under those pictures, you will find her lover, Shwe Htoo’s comments on how amazing she looks and Shwe Mone Yati replied she is amazing because she is Shwe Htoo’s girlfriend.


Page Name: Myanmar Muslim News. Translation: At least 65 killed in Taliban attack on Afghan intelligence base. At least 65 people were killed in a Taliban-claimed attack on an Afghan intelligence base, Afghan authorities said on Tuesday, Jan. 22. This attack happened on Monday and the announcement about at least 65 people killed was made today, raising the toll substantially from 12 announced previously. “We took about 65 bodies out of the rubble yesterday,” Mohammad Sardar Bakhyari, deputy head of the Wardak provincial council said. Afghanistan security has become questionable as Talibans put explosive weapons on pickup cars and invade the station and attacked. Moreover, another car came in and shot everyone in sight during the attack. Just after a day after an Afghan security officer stated that the number of death can increase up to over 70, Bakhyari made the announcement. The attack was on a training facility for the National Directorate of Security (NDS), the Afghan intelligence agency, meaning that any toll will likely be difficult to confirm independently, AFP mentioned. The attackers were killed immediately, Bakhyari said, but most of the casualties were caused by a building collapse. The Taliban, who have been waging a 17-year war against the Western-backed Afghan government, later claimed responsibility for the assault.


Page Name: News Zone. Translation: It was a premeditated mass murder, and not a boat accident “We were attacked from three sides and all we could do was back up into the water.” Sixteen people died and 39 people went missing from the boat accident on July 23, which happened during a territory dispute between two villages in Yenangyaung Township.


Page Name: Ethnic Regional News. Translation: A driver miraculously survives tree fall. On the morning of August 7 at 9AM, there was a case where an old tree on the University Avenue Road near Myawadi Petrol Road fell on top of moving car. Because of this accident, the driver was trapped in the car for 10 minutes and he was later saved by police. Although he said he wasn’t injured, his car was totally damaged from the accident.


Page Name: Collection of Ta’ang Land News. Translation: If you are a true Buddhist, please do not skip and say “Hi” here. I am proud and admire you, little daughter, as your skill is incredible regardless of your age.


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