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Facebook Is Losing its Users – 15 Million Accounts


Facebook Is Losing its Users – 15 Million Accounts

The most used social media website – Facebook- is losing its users. Studies have shown that around 15 millions of users gave up using it. It is worth noting that these are mainly young people over 13, who stop using Facebook. The first drop was in 2017 and the second – in 2019. At the same time, the number of people over 50 using social media is growing. Statistics is even able to mark countries where the change is more obvious. The biggest change has happened in the US and the UK.

Some people believe that the end of Facebook is inevitable. A growing number of various platforms, as well as increasing popularity of Instagram, is changing the reality. What are the reasons to stop using social platform that used to be incredibly popular?

Facing the Problems

  • Teenage users prefer using Instagram. Statistics shows that most teenagers abandon using Facebook because they are more on Instagram. They believe that this platform provides more opportunities to share interests as well as personal life. You can upload pictures, make videos and leave comments. At the same time, users can close their accounts and open only to selected people. Instagram has also become a platform for selling and buying things. This is where you can sell your old coat and buy new shoes.
  • Security of personal data is crucial. People do not want others to find out what they discuss in messenger with friends or colleagues.  Once it has become evident that Facebook is abusing the right to privacy, users stop using it. Even though the founder of the platform has apologized, the reputation has been damaged. Users want to feel safe and protected in all ways.
  • Technologies are aimed at making life easier. It relates to all spheres of life. People prefer using user-friendly websites, apps, and various social websites. It will not come as a surprise that numerous people find Facebook to be incredibly inconvenient. Some people confess to having problems understanding where the major tools are.  It is not a new website but not much has been changed since it was launched.

The destiny of Facebook is vague. There are no guarantees that the trend will change. Interface updates might attract a certain percentage of users but it will not be huge. The management of the company should seriously consider choosing a new development course to attract users.

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