Fan at Mets-Phillies game reacts to bug, goes viral: report

A fan seated two rows behind home plate on Sunday was caught on camera trying desperately to shoo away some type of bug in the middle of the New York Mets home game against their rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies.

Deadspin reported that the we’ve-all-been-there scene unfolded during a plate appearance by All-Star Bryce Harper, who just signed a record-breaking $330 million contract. It was a pivotal part of the game: full count with bases loaded for the slugger.

But at least one fan was apparently distracted.

The fan could be seen swatting multiple times at the bug and he eventually left his seat. The fan reportedly did not return until the coast was clear: Harper was walked by the pitcher and a run scored.


The Phillies went on to beat the Mets, 10-7.

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