Father claims daughter bit into ‘needle’ in pastry from Kroger: report

A father from Michigan is looking for answers.He claims that his daughter bit into a pastry that had a sharp object embedded inside. According to him, she was stabbed in the mouth by the object, which he reportedly described as a needle.”She took a pastry out of her mouth and I looked down and there was a needle there,” Ricardo Ruel told WXYZ News. He says that he bought the apple strudel from a Kroger near Dearborn in early September.”I was kind of freaked out initially, like, how did that get in there, you know, was there anything else in there or any other ones,” he told the outlet.IKEA APOLOGIZES FOR JERK CHICKEN DISH AFTER CULTURAL APPROPRIATION BACKLASHRuel claims that he contacted the grocery chain and filed an incident report.In a statement obtained by WXYZ News, a spokesperson for Kroger said, “We are currently investigating and have been in contact with the consumer. We take matters like this very seriously as safety is one of our core values for both customers and associates.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPRuel says that the grocery store initially told him that the pastries were made by a different company. He told WYXY News, “The process that was explained to me is that they come in frozen and the bakery department, the bakers, they take everything out, they put them in trays. They bake them there at Kroger, at the bakery. They package them and then put the stickers on them, the labels.”CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERWXYZ News reports that Ruel is planning on meeting with a lawyer later this month. His daughter, meanwhile, has to undergo several tests in order to make sure that she is ok.

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