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Fostylen: Elvira Gavrilova renamed Financoff business gloss


Fostylen: Elvira Gavrilova renamed Financoff business gloss

Elvira Gavrilova, a well-known business lady, instablogger, chief editor of the Financoff magazine, announced the renaming of her publication. The Financoff August issue, which is currently in print, will already be released under a new name – Fostylen. The chief editor announced in the interview about the reason for the rebranding and other surprises awaiting readers.


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“Not only about finance” — the new Fostylen name better coincides with the content



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“We’ve been writing not only about finance for a long time,” Elvira Gavrilova said. “Our magazine has become popular precisely because of the variety of topics: business and politics, home and family, fashion and cars.” According to her, Financoff has managed to gain international fame as a magazine not about business, but for business – about everything that interests successful entrepreneurs with an active and busy life. Fostylen is a publication for those who love life and appreciate high style in it.

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The team of journalists, photographers, and designers remains the same, so the impeccable quality of the content – the pride of Financoff – will be preserved. Readers will see all the headings they love in the first updated issue. In particular, the “Interview of the Issue”, the heroes of which were unusual, inspiring, and grandiose personalities, up to the royal persons of Europe. The chief editor promises that now the interview has received more pages, which means it will become even more interesting. Of course, there will be surprises – completely new headings and topics raised for the first time. It’s a natural process for any successful media outlet, Elvira emphasizes.


European magazine about luxury life Fostylen — look for it on sale!

In fact, only the name changes, emphasizes the chief editor. She is sure that none of the readers will be disappointed that the edition they love is “not the right one”. “We know why the public loves us, and we just move in this direction,” Elvira Gavrilova emphasizes. And renewal and development are necessary to stay afloat in a changing environment, the chief editor and co-owner of the publication states. We wish the new brand success and look forward to seeing the updated magazine.


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