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French Grocery Chain Honors Healthcare Workers in Touching Holiday Short Film

French Grocery Chain Honors Healthcare Workers in Touching Holiday Short Film


French Grocery Chain Honors Healthcare Workers in Touching Holiday Short Film

If ever there was a time to pay tribute to healthcare workers, it’s now, during the middle of an ongoing pandemic where the industry’s tireless heroes are stretched beyond their limits. French grocer Intermarché gives three heartfelt minutes of holiday thanks to those workers in its annual holiday short film from agency Romance.“Jusqu’à mon dernier souffle (Until my last breath),” the eponymous title of Terrenoire’s track that accompanies this new film directed by Katia Lewkowicz, pays tribute to not just healthcare workers, the heroes of 2020, but also to carers in each family, in this case, a teenager who takes care of his mother while the caretakers attend to his hospitalized father. The story follows a mother and son as they admit the father to the hospital after a stroke. The pensive title track creates a metronomic pace for the drama, as a dedicated nurse remains the vital link between the family and the father’s recovery. To show their gratitude, the mother and son create a spread of gorgeous food for the nurse and his co-workers.Intermarché’s fourth holiday film is a departure from the previous three, which focused more on trips to the grocery store and centered on the vibrancy of the produce and goods. It does keep the emotional theme of the earlier spots, however, letting viewers get to know the characters and care for their journey. The nod to healthcare workers fully acknowledges their struggles and those of families—it includes alternating shots of the healthcare workers at their jobs and the family coping at home, all supporting each other through tough times.“We couldn’t imagine celebrating Christmas without paying tribute to the heroes of the year: the carers. Intermarché has been sharing the daily lives of French people on the front line since the first lockdown this spring: the farmers, local shops and hospital staff. They are part of our ecosystem and our stores work with them on a daily basis,” said Vincent Bronsard, strategic and operational marketing manager, Intermarché.The film will run on French television in prime time, as well as online through the holiday season.“Each new opus in the saga is a challenge. This time we wanted to create a film that would live up to the exceptional year we have lived through, marked by the commitment and sacrifice of the carers,” noted Alexandre Hervé, executive creative director at Romance. “It is this anchoring in the times and current events that truly builds the relationship between Intermarché and the French people,” Brand Credits Marketing and Communication Director: Anne-Marie Gaultier Strategic and Operational Marketing Manager: Vincent BronsardBrand and Communication Director: Anne Guivarc’hBrand and Communication Manager: Camille SassiAdvertising Manager: Aurélie AnsartBrand Manager: Julie AntoineAgency Credits CEO: Christophe LichtensteinExecutive Creative Director: Alexandre HervéCopywriter: Philippe PinelArt Director: Julien RézetteSenior Strategic Planner: Jérome LavillatAccount Team: Marie-Laure Dangeon, Émilie Franck, Arthur Amis, Julie ValeroTV Producer: Emilie TalpaertProduction Credits Director: Katia LewkowiczProduction: Grand BazarProducer: Juliette DesmarescauxPost Production: La maison& MikrosMusic: Terrenoire – Jusqu’à mon dernier souffleMusic Supervision: Alexandre Rabia Sound Production: Schmooze

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