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Friday’s First Things First – Adweek

Friday’s First Things First – Adweek


Friday’s First Things First – Adweek

Welcome to First Things First, Adweek’s new daily resource for marketers. We’ll be publishing the content to First Things First on each morning (like this post), but if you prefer that it come straight to your inbox, you can sign up for the email here.

Today’s Top Stories

CMOs Explain Why Diversity and Inclusion Are at the Heart of Their Marketing

At Cannes, Adweek brought together 30 CMOs from Hulu, the NFL, Verizon and more for a symposium on the state of marketing. One topic dominated the conversation: diversity and inclusion. What came out of that conversation is a new Adweek council made up of 23 of the marketing industry’s leading CMOs, Chief Brand Officers, CEOs, Brand Presidents, and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officers at the helm of some of the world’s most renowned brands.

Together, they laid out bullet points on what’s working, what’s not and what’s possible as a starting point for a conversation on D&I.

Google Set to Roll Out First-Price Auctions

Google has announced the full rollout of first-price auctions on Google Ad Manager beginning next week, a move it claims will help boost publisher yield. Google’s new first-price auctions will emulate the pricing options offered by rival independent ad exchanges.

Read more: Programmatic reporter Ronan Shields breaks down what it means for media buyers and publishers and how they’ll benefit from the new system.

AT&T’s Xandr Monetize Is Ad Tech for the Open Internet

With the automated trading of television ad space potentially being the next frontier of ad tech, AT&T debuted a sell-side toolset that helps media owners sell their OTT inventory using ad tech.

It’s a big step forward for AT&T, which acquired the suite of tools during its $1.6 billion purchase of AppNexus. Keep reading to learn more about the capabilities of Xandr Monetize.

Facebook Dating Arrives in the U.S: Here’s What You Need to Know

As if Facebook didn’t have enough information on you, the social media giant wants a hand in your love life. Facebook is trying to play matchmaker and win hearts with its rollout of Facebook Dating, an app where users can decide whether they want friends of their friends to be suggested as matches.

The new feature rolled out to the U.S. market this week. While some are ready to double tap and find love, others wonder what it means for user privacy and data.

Read more: Adweek Social Pro Daily editor David Cohen breaks down Facebook Dating’s features and what the rollout means for users.

To celebrate the first week of First Things First, we have a special offer for readers: Subscribe to Adweek for just $6 for 12 weeks. Click here to take advantage of the deal and check out all of the benefits of becoming a member.

Ad of the Day: Welcome to Flavortown, peasant.

In Uber Eats’ newest ad from Anomaly L.A., we see one of the food delivery service’s drivers dropping off for no less than Guy Fieri. And the surprisingly posh Food Network star has clearly been holding out some talents on us. Watch all three videos from the campaign here.

Career Tip: Networking at events doesn’t have to be hard

The folks at Outbrain, the web advertising platform, supplied us with today’s tip of the day on networking:

  • Andrew Furman, svp sales, North America: “Don’t just aggressively hunt down the folks you have identified as high priority. Meet as many people as you can by participating in discussions, asking questions during panels, being early for breakfast and staying out for drinks. Naturally, you will meet the folks you identified and many more that were not even on your radar.”
  • Sarah Baird, vp, account strategy and operations: “At a recent event, I attended another participant who wore a pin on their lapel that indicated they are passionate about reading. It gave me something to talk to them about and to warm up our conversation. I love this idea for someone who is just starting to attend networking events.”

Can You Figure Out These Scrambled Slogans?

We scrambled up four iconic marketing slogans into these head-scratching anagrams. We’ll put the answers in Monday’s edition of First Things First. Think you figured it out? Tweet us.

  • I jot dust
  • The dryer war
  • A farm ode diversion
  • Break points off a chasm

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