Friends Influence Purchasing Decisions for 81% of Canadian Gen Zers – Adweek

In a world with so many choices, brand loyalty can be hard to come by. But 46% of Gen Zers in Canada say they’re loyal to brands, and 34% say it depends on the category, according to new research by student data company Amplify in partnership with The Globe and Mail.

That said, while Canadian Gen Zers may stick to their preferred brands—especially when it comes to electronics, hygiene products and banking—they would switch under some conditions, such as better value for the money (44%), lower price (25%) or a friend’s recommendation (23%).

“Contrary to the belief of many marketers, Gen Z is brand loyal,” said Kieran Mathew, founder and CEO, Amplify. “ … Brands that focus on community building and foster meaningful interaction with the brand, not traditional one-way messaging, will convert customers and win them for life. … Brands can create these loyal communities. They just need to understand how Gen Z interacts and consumes their brand, and why it matters.”

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