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Gold Star families speak out on fall of Afghanistan: ‘Our hearts are broken’

Gold Star wife expresses worry amid Afghanistan withdrawel : ‘Our hearts are broken’


Gold Star families speak out on fall of Afghanistan: ‘Our hearts are broken’

A number of Gold Star families spoke out Monday, voicing concern and condemnation over the Biden administration’s handling of the current turmoil in Afghanistan. “My heart is broken, our hearts are broken are broken as a Gold Star community,” said Jane Horton, a Gold Star wife.During an appearance on “America’s Newsroom,” Horton, whose husband Christopher was an Army specialist in the region, said she was worried about the U.S. personnel and the Afghan people while urging President Biden to “reach out across the aisle” to unite Americans. MAINSTREAM MEDIA CRUSHES BIDEN FOR ‘FLAT-FOOTED,’ ‘HUMILIATING’ BETRAYAL OF AFGHANS AS TALIBAN TAKES CONTROL”The feeling is just sadness,” said David Horton, Chris’ father.Horton asserted that a “secure” Afghanistan made the United States more secure in turn, but acknowledged the importance of an eventual exit plan.”I agree, we had to leave, we didn’t have to leave this way and with things in such a disarray.”Gold Star mother Krista Keating-Joseph told “Fox & Friends” that her son was inspired to help Christian communities in Afghanistan after 9/11. She noted that a U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Iraq expanded human rights for Christians, including access to education and expanded women’s rights. “That’s not gonna happen [anymore]—it’s over for them,” said Keating-Joseph. Gold Star husband and U.S. congressional candidate Joe Kent, whose wife Shannon died in Syria in 2019, slammed the “hubris” of the Biden administration for delaying the pullout of American troops from former President Donald Trump’s previous May deadline.”Trump tried to get our troops out for all four years of his administration. Biden comes in and in order to not give President Trump a victory he gave the Taliban three months of prime fighting season time to plan this assault,” said Kent. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPKent criticized the military-industrial complex for prolonging U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan, accusing them of lying to previous administrations to keep troops “in harm’s way.””We need to do everything in our power right now, move heaven and earth, destroy whatever we have to destroy, kill whoever we have to kill to get all of our people out. That needs to be our top priority right now.”

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