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Good Samaritan whose van filled with food for needy was stolen has a message for perpetrators

Good Samaritan whose van filled with food for needy was stolen has a message for perpetrators


Good Samaritan whose van filled with food for needy was stolen has a message for perpetrators

A Michigan man who runs a mobile ministry aimed at helping the less fortunate is urging the individuals who allegedly carjacked his van during a beating he suffered early Tuesday to “repent, give yourself to Jesus and start a new life.” Derek Hill, a 51-year-old from St. Clair Shores, told Fox News he was driving in Roseville to pick up a late-night snack when he spotted a vehicle on the side of the road that appeared to be overheating. After stopping to ask the driver if he needed help, Hill says he was suddenly attacked and forced out of his van, which he uses to operate the Last Supper Mobile Ministry. His vehicle, which was filled with “hundreds of pounds” of food donations Hill was planning to distribute the next day, was then stolen. “Repent and give yourself to Jesus and start a new life,” Hill told Fox News on Wednesday when asked if he had a message for those behind the incident. 
Derek Hill says the van he uses to operate the Last Supper Mobile Ministry has been stolen. The Roseland Police Department is now investigating.
(Courtesy James L. Galen, Jr.)CAR THIEF FINDS 4-YEAR-OLD IN BACKSEAT, RETURNS TO SCENE TO SCOLD MOTHER “They took the van with ill intentions, I would love my van back to where I can start my deliveries back up,” he added. The Roseville Police Department is currently investigating the case and as of midday Wednesday, no suspects have been publicly identified. “I am hopeful that we will identify the individuals responsible for this terrible incident very soon,” Ryan Monroe, the department’s chief of police, told Fox News in an e-mail. Hill says that when he approached the vehicle on the side of the road in a turn-around area, he rolled down his passenger window and gestured for its driver to do the same before “my door got opened and I got blindsided.” “I started to ask [for help] and they got me by the element of surprise,” he said. “Because they misdirected me, they had me looking to the right and he attacked me from the left.” 
Derek Hill is seen here with injuries following the incident.
(Courtesy James L. Galen, Jr.)MARYLAND DELIVERY DRIVERS HELD AT GUNPOINT AS CARJACKERS STOLE 100 PACKAGES, POLICE SAY In an interview with Fox News, Hill’s attorney, James L. Galen, Jr., described his client as a selfless member of the local community. “He is always praying. He is always praying… when we get on the phone I cannot get off the phone without him saying ‘Jimmy, let’s say a prayer,’” Galen said.  “Even last night, with him sore as can be with a concussion, six stitches in his forehead, two black eyes, a torn-up back and other issues — his van being stolen — even with all that, not only did he pray last night on the phone, but he also prayed for the three individuals that did it and asked God to bring them to Jesus and give an ability to help them,” Galen added. Hill told Fox News that he started the Last Supper Mobile Ministry six years ago and delivers groceries and supplies to the homeless and others in the community in need. “I love feeding people, I love feeding the homeless. I love talking to them,” he said. FRANKLIN GRAHAM SHARES MESSAGE THAT WILL ‘CHANGE YOUR LIFE’ DURING PANDEMIC Hill’s van, as of Wednesday, has not been found. But Galen told Fox News that a local car dealership is now offering a used Chrysler van to Hill so he can continue his work. “Priceless. Simply priceless for these people to step up and have the kind heart like I do,” Hill said when asked about the gesture. In the meantime, Hill told Fox News he is devoted to carrying on his work, despite the events that unfolded. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP “Some people say ‘your heart is too big, you got to be more conscious, you got to be careful’ but you know what? God has got my back when I’m working for him,” Hill said. “Nothing or nobody is going to stop this ministry,” he added. 

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