Greg Gutfeld says Elizabeth Warren couldn’t tell Colbert she’d ‘tax the hell out of people’ or she’d lose

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., got stuck being unable to admit her “Medicare-for-all” plan aimed at the middle class will hike taxes because it would tank her campaign, according to Greg Gutfeld.That point was very obvious during the 2020 hopeful’s appearance with comedian Stephen Colbert on CBS, Gutfeld said Wednesday on “The Five.””They only have one golf club in that bag — and it’s ‘tax the hell out of people’,” he said.”But they can’t say it because they’re going to lose.”WARREN GETS STUMPED BY COLBERT WHEN PRESSED ON MIDDLE-CLASS TAX HIKES TO FUND MEDICARE-FOR-ALLOn Tuesday’s “Late Show,” Colbert told Warren she is consistently being asked how she will pay for her plan.”How are you going to pay for it? Are you going to raise the middle class’ taxes?” he asked.More from MediaThe Massachusetts Democrat responded by claiming families will, “see their costs go down” — without directly answering Colbert.In response, Gutfeld repeated how Warren, “knew if she said that she’s going to tax the hell out of people she was going to lose.”In addition, hosts Juan Williams and Jesse Watters both agreed Warren should admit her plan would increase taxes.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPBut, in response to Gutfeld, Williams said Trump also is shaky at math because of the rising national deficit.Watters disagreed, remarking Trump likely knows how to do mathematical addition because he’s “worth $10 billion.”

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