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Hannity: Biden’s ‘America Last’ agenda putting more than just the US at risk

Hannity: Biden's 'America Last' agenda putting more than just the US at risk


Hannity: Biden’s ‘America Last’ agenda putting more than just the US at risk

In his Opening Monologue Thursday, “Hannity” host Sean Hannity challenged his audience to name a single positive accomplishment of President Joe Biden or his administration.Hannity said that every decision Biden has made has had tragic or dangerous consequences, from rescinding Donald Trump’s border policies and letting in hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants unvetted and largely untested for coronavirus, to “robbing future generations” through record inflation and trillions in new debt and spending.”Can you name one good thing that Joe Biden has done as president, just one? In your mind, what has he done for you, the American people?” Hannity asked.”He promised to eradicate COVID-19, and now it has made a massive comeback. He is responsible for what is the biggest virus super spreader event, not in modern history, in American history, and Americans will die as a result of these policies, as a direct result,” he said.”He spent your money at a record pace, literally robbing our future generations. Now we have inflation through the roof. He halted the Keystone XL pipeline and other pipelines. Gas prices have never been higher and as a consequence, everything you purchase is going to cost more to ship, and that means we are going to pay more for everything that we all buy.”Hannity said Biden gave Putin a “gift” in offering his approval to the completion of the NordStream II pipeline under the North Sea, while killing a Canadian-American pipeline project stateside.”He bribed the Mullahs in Iran, forcing South Korea to turn over $7 billion: what do we get as a result? They’re enriching uranium now at an accelerated pace. He bowed down to the communists in China, now they are threatening to blow up our military and naval bases, lecturing our secretary of state on human rights? And they let him get away with that?” the host continued, referencing how Chinese officials roundly criticized the United States and lectured Secretary Antony Blinken during their recent summit in Anchorage.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHannity added that the latest dangerous situation involves China seeking to annex Taiwan in what the Communist leadership is calling “reunification.””Without a doubt, Joe Biden’s weak make America last putting us at risk at home and abroad and it gets worse. In Afghanistan, total humiliation. Instead of following through with President Trump’s gradual drawdown of U.S. Forces, Biden demanded we evacuate entirely by August 31st. He told us that a Taliban takeover was not inevitable. He’s wrong.”

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