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Hannity: Donald Trump was right, ‘Sleepy Joe’ lives up to his name

Hannity: Donald Trump was right, 'Sleepy Joe' lives up to his name


Hannity: Donald Trump was right, ‘Sleepy Joe’ lives up to his name

Sean Hannity slammed President Joe Biden Monday for embarrassing himself and the country during his trip abroad to Europe as part of the administration’s climate change agenda during the opening of “Hannity.””This trip to Europe has been a complete total disaster. It’s sad, it’s embarrassing, it’s humiliating. But Joe Biden … [takes] a little nappy-poo in public during a meeting about climate change,” Hannity said about Biden at the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference. “And then, of course, an aide has to rush over about Joe. Hello, Joe. Joe, Joe, wake up, Joe. This is the latest humiliating moment out of Biden.”AS BIDEN AGENDA FAILS, WOKE AGENDA WILL RISE: RAMASWAMY”I guess Donald Trump was right. ‘Sleepy Joe’ living up to his name now this week,” Hannity said. Trump referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe” throughout the 2020 presidential campaign. Trump also called Biden “Sleepy Creepy Joe.” “Joe is in his basement,” Trump said. “He doesn’t come out. No one asks him questions.” Hannity said that when Biden “wasn’t dozing off …  he was busy apologizing, including a blanket apology to Europe for America’s evil ways” regarding impacting the environment. “Really, Joe? … We saved Europe and the world … And under Donald Trump, net emissions carbon emissions … went down dramatically. As a matter of fact, Joe. Donald Trump led every single country in reducing carbon output. So instead of Joe Biden apologizing to Europe, he ought to be showing them how we did it.”INGRAHAM: THE LEFT’S POLICIES DESTROYED ENERGY INDEPENDENCE ACHIEVED UNDER TRUMPHannity went on to blame Biden for the decline in America’s energy independence achieved under Trump. “Joe, you got rid of energy independence that Donald Trump handed you. You single-handedly reduced the supply on the world market because you went with New Green Deal radical socialism.””We now we have to go to countries that hate our guts and beg them to produce more oil because you artificially reduced our supply,” Hannity said. “Joe, you pushed our Western European allies right into that hostile actor, Vladimir Putin’s, arms [by] giving Vladimir that special pipeline waiver while simultaneously taking away high-paying career jobs for Americans on the Keystone XL pipeline … Great job, Joey,” he said. “And now [Biden has] reduced our supply of oil and gas. And … he is begging OPEC, Saudi Arabia, the Middle East, and Vladimir Putin to pump more oil.”Hannity proceeded to hammer Biden for appearing to go by prepared names when he took questions. Biden said, “I’m told I should start with AP.”SEAN HANNITY: MAINSTREAM MEDIA FINALLY CAUGHT UP TO BIDEN’S ‘COGNITIVE MESS'”Joe Biden is either unwilling or unable to have a lengthy, open unscripted discussion with the press,” he said. “You’re the president, Joe. You get to decide. Your staff shouldn’t be making that decision for you.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPHannity proceeded to list out what he believed were Biden’s failures. “Right now, America is fast facing, slow economic growth, record-setting inflation, a massive worker shortage in part because of your policies, a supply chain fiasco because of your policies. High energy prices – which means everybody’s paying more for everything, a crisis you caused at America’s border. [Not to mention], Americans you abandoned Afghanistan.”You have no plan. [Except] settle for less, pay more. Unless, of course, you’re an illegal immigrant, then special rules apply to you.”

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