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Harris giving Biden ‘spotlight’ on coronavirus relief talks: Deroy Murdock

Harris giving Biden 'spotlight' on coronavirus relief talks: Deroy Murdock


Harris giving Biden ‘spotlight’ on coronavirus relief talks: Deroy Murdock

While Vice-president-elect Kamala Harris is giving President-elect Joe Biden the “spotlight” on coronavirus relief discussions, much of the progressive’s input is needed, Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock said Thursday.”She’s been pretty low key. Even during the campaign, you didn’t see her much,” Murdock told “Fox & Friends” while responding to an article questioning the whereabouts of Harris amid coronavirus relief negotiations. “She’s always been pretty vocal and not very restrained, but after she got the VP nomination, we didn’t see all that much of her other than in the debate and a couple of appearances.” MINNESOTA BUSINESS OWNER ‘APPALLED AND OUTRAGED’ AT LACK OF HELP IN CORONAVIRUS RELIEF BILLMurdock speculated that Harris is keeping out of the spotlight to let Biden have “his moment.””I guess you could say that maybe she’s trying to be a good understudy and step away from the spotlight and let Joe Biden have his moment here. As we see whether he’s going to be actually seated in the Oval Office or not, that remains somewhat up in the air so maybe that’s the role she’s taking,” Murdock said.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPMurdock said people on the left want her to be more vocal as she was rated the most far-left among her senatorial colleagues, even Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt.”But what this shows, this dissatisfaction shows that people on the left who believe that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are not left enough and they want them to be even more so,” Murdock said.Murdock went on to say, “I think the one bulwark that we have against having things go completely off the rails is for people in Georgia to make sure and reelect Senators Perdue and Loeffler to act as an emergency brake against the extreme craziness that we will see from Biden and Harris if they in fact get seated and they have people from the left pushing them even further left than where they are today, which is very very left.”

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