How Brand Mascot Recognition Has Changed Over Time – Adweek

While some brand mascots feel timeless, many can’t weather the unstoppable force of time and innovation, according to new research commissioned by promotional products company Crestline.

Crestline analyzed brand recognition by generation among 82 mascots and found that brand symbols like Vlasic Pickles’ stork, Travelocity’s gnome and Snuggle’s teddy bear are far less recognizable among Gen Zers than baby boomers.

“It’s challenging to connect with consumers in today’s hyper-saturated media landscape,” said Crestline data analyst Cindy Glover. “Younger consumers are less likely to watch TV, listen to broadcast radio or read magazines. To reach Gen Z, we found that mascots not only have to be likable, persuasive, trustworthy and unique—it also really helps if they can cross over into social media.”

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