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How Many of the 20 Netflix Easter Eggs Can You Spot in This Ad? – Adweek

How Many of the 20 Netflix Easter Eggs Can You Spot in This Ad? – Adweek


How Many of the 20 Netflix Easter Eggs Can You Spot in This Ad? – Adweek


Usually, when we say you’ll want to watch an ad over and over again, it’s because of the quality of the storytelling or mesmerizing visuals. Not this time, though the ad is fine enough on its own. But what truly makes it obsessively rewatchable is its baked-in scavenger hunt.

With its new spot for Bouygues Telecom, agency BETC Paris has created 60 seconds packed with impressively subtle Easter eggs—20 of them, specifically. Each references a Netflix original show or movie.

Before we get into the details, check out the spot and see if any jump into view on the first pass:

Not too easy, is it?

You can visit to try logging any clues you think might be correct, and the site will let you know when you’ve made a legit find. For example, a freebie is the string of Christmas lights that obviously references Stranger Things.

The spot promotes the telecom’s offer of 12 free months of Netflix for phone and internet subscribers.

This isn’t the first time BETC and Bouygues Telecom have created a spot whose appeal reaches beyond the target market in France. Last November, the brand created a lovely spot about the occasionally embarrassing love a father shows to his son.

As for the Netflix Easter egg hunt, I’m not going to lie. I failed miserably. So I turned to the hive mind of the Adweek staff, and my colleagues did not disappoint.

Once you’ve tried your best to find the references without our help, check out our team’s list of 15 confirmed spottings below. (And hit me on Twitter at @Griner to let me know the last five that escaped us.)

• :00 – The  “O” logo on the wall is one of the cryptic title screens from Ozark (spotted by Adweek newsroom chief of staff Jameson Fleming).

• :00 – The patch on the backpack is the demon Luci from Disenchantment (spotted by Adweek community editor Nicole Ortiz).

• :07 – Sweater from Sex Education (spotted by Adweek art director Dianna McDougall)

• :11 – School uniform jacket from Elite (spotted by Adweek video editor Josh Rios).

• :13 – Piper Chapman’s ID from Orange Is the New Black (spotted by Josh Rios).

• :13 – Broken phone with smiley face from Black Mirror (spotted by Josh Rios).

• :17 – Christmas lights from Stranger Things.

• :20 – “A” pill from Maniac  (spotted by Dianna McDougall).

• :22 – Ghost from The Haunting of Hill House (spotted by Josh Rios).

• :22 – Umbrella from The Umbrella Academy (spotted by Adweek video editor Breana Mallamaci).

• :22 – Salem the cat from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (spotted by Dianna McDougall).

• :24 – Book author Joe Goldberg is a reference to the main character in You (spotted by Adweek TV/Media editor Jason Lynch).

• :24 – Pablo Escobar’s anchor sweater from Narcos (spotted by Josh Rios).

• :32 – Bird cage from Bird Box (spotted by Dianna McDougall).

• :33 – Corgi from The Crown (spotted by Jameson Fleming).


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