Indiana brothers accused of trying to support ISIS

A federal grand jury on Thursday indicted two Indiana brothers for allegedly attempting to provide firearms and other support to the Islamic State (ISIS).

Moyad Dannon, 21, and Mahde Dannon, 20, both of Fishers,appeared in U.S. District Court in Indianapolis, where they face various firearms-related charges and one count of attempting to provide material support and resources, including firearms, to the terrorist group.

The younger Dannon was already awaiting trial on felony theft charges when he introduced his brother to a person working for the FBI in a scheme to provide firearms to the informant, the Justice Department said.

Two Indiana brothers are accused of attempting to provide the Islamic State with firearms and material support.
(Department of Justice)

Federal prosecutors said the pair sold illegally obtained firearms to the informant between July and December 2018. They began to make “ghost guns,” weapons that can’t be traced, by purchasing firearms parts without serial numbers online and making .223-caliber semi-automatic rifles.

Those rifles were sold to an undercover FBI agent introduced to the pair by the informant, according to prosecutors. In February, Moyad Dannon traveled with the undercover agent to the U.S.-Mexico border to sell rifles to a potential buyer who said the weapons were going to be shipped to the Middle East for ISIS.


The brothers agreed to make 55 more untraceable rifles they were told would be used by ISIS. They were arrested May 15 during a sting.

Both men face up to 10 years for each firearms charge and 20 years for attempting to provide support to ISIS.

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