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Ingraham: ‘Left-wing loafers’ of teachers’ unions ‘killing the kids’ with insistence on school closures

Ingraham: 'Left-wing loafers' of teachers' unions 'killing the kids' with insistence on school closures


Ingraham: ‘Left-wing loafers’ of teachers’ unions ‘killing the kids’ with insistence on school closures

Teachers’ unions are anxious for President-elect Joe Biden to take office so they can further consolidate their power, Laura Ingraham told viewers Thursday. “The Ingraham Angle” host discussed reports that the race to be the next education secretary is between American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten and Lily Eskelsen Garcia, the head of the National Education Association.”Do you really think either of those women has any interest in doing what’s best for your kids?” Ingraham asked. “They’d only maximize the madness we’re seeing.”The host noted that Weingarten recently said that she wants schools reopened safely only if “infrastructur[al]” and other demands are met.SCHOOLS RESPOND TO NOR’EASTER IN AGE OF REMOTE LEARNING”If there’s one thing that Democrats really want us to believe, it’s that they really, really care about the children,” Ingraham said.”If they really cared about the children, they would all right now be demanding that every school in the United States be immediately reopened for in-person learning. Well, of course, they also claim to be caring about the science [but] that’s only true when the science tracks with the left political agenda,” she continued. “Thus, they ignore the established truth that children have a minuscule risk of getting seriously ill from COVID.”The host noted that unions “are working hard to keep schools closed” now that Biden is weeks away from entering the White House. “Today, the L.A. teachers’ union demanded that L.A. County impose an even stricter and longer lockdown that would last through the month of January … They are also demanding huge amounts of federal and state money to dole out to workers who would be forced to stay home,” she said.CALIFORNIA DOCTOR CALLS LOCKDOWNS ‘FAILURE OF IMAGINATION'”These left-wing loafers should be ashamed of themselves,” Ingraham added. “They are not only destroying businesses, they are killing the kids.”Suicides among minors doubled in San Bernardino County during distance learning. That doesn’t matter to the L.A. teachers’ union. They are holding students hostage. The ransom? Medicare for all, massive tax hikes, defunding the police, and welfare for illegal aliens.”Ingraham told viewers that Democrats “are far more worried about offending the union bosses and losing their donations than they are about how this is hurting our kids. If you think things are bad now, wait until they have a collaborator sitting in the Oval Office.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe host concluded by telling viewers to “demand that states and school boards do what’s best for our children and reopen those schools. No money until the schools are reopened. The teachers’ unions and the Democrats, they just can’t be allowed to trade our children’s health education and welfare for their own obvious political gain.”The Democrats claim to care about your kids, but actions speak louder than words.”

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