Instagram Appears to Have Several New Features in Its Development Pipeline – Adweek

Instagram appears to be developing potential new features for Stories and other parts of the photo- and video-sharing network.

Developer and blogger Jane Manchun Wong discovered several unreleased features in the code behind the Instagram Android application, and she detailed them in a blog post.

Instagram would not comment on any of the potential updates discovered by Wong.

Wong found that Instagram is in the process of redesigning the user interface for its Story camera, and one element of that revamp is the addition of unique icons for different modes: Focus, Layout, Music, Stopmotion and Superzoom.

Instagram also appears to be testing different modes for its Boomerang animated images.

According to Wong, those modes are: Classic, Hold (pauses at the end of each loop), Dynamic (wiggles at the end of each loop), Slowmo (a slower version of Classic) and two Duo modes, with one slightly slower than Classic and one slightly quicker.

Instagram released stand-alone application Layout in March 2015 as a way to enable users to combine multiple photos into one image, and it is developing ways to bring those capabilities to Stories.

According to Wong, should this feature roll out, users will have several grid layouts to choose from, and they can add photos via the Story camera or the camera rolls on their devices.

A way for users to share specific comments is also being developed, and Wong said that a share button will appear next to comments, alongside the existing reply button, adding that the version she uncovered only works with Instagram Direct messages.

Wong also discovered that Instagram is working on notification filters in its activity tab that would enable people to choose to see only specific categories of notifications.

Finally, Instagram appears to be bringing its App and Websites settings, previously a web-only feature, to its mobile apps, enabling users to more easily manage and review third-party apps and websites they have authorized to access their accounts.

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