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Joe Concha: Biden just had a ‘disastrous day’ and desperately needs a win

Joe Concha: Joe Biden had a ‘disaster of a day’ and desperately needs a win


Joe Concha: Biden just had a ‘disastrous day’ and desperately needs a win

Fox News contributor Joe Concha reacted Tuesday to President Biden’s trip to New Jersey where he repeated a debunked story about Amtrak, coughed into his hand before shaking hands with others and joked to schoolchildren about how he avoids answering the press’ questions.BIDEN KEEPS TELLING BIZARRE AMTRAK STORY THAT WAS ALREADY DEBUNKEDJOE CONCHA: It’s the fifth time now that he keeps telling this story. So one would think that his chief communications advisor in Jen Psaki would step in and instruct him ‘maybe we don’t go down this road anymore,’ because you can be fact-checked on this, you sound foolish when you’re talking about it and I don’t even know what the point is of telling that story in the first place. So yeah, don’t cough in your hand and then shake people’s hands, don’t tell young school children ‘run from people who want to hold you accountable.’ It was just a disaster of a day for a president that’s having a disastrous 10 months. … He desperately needs a win because there haven’t been any wins up to this point.WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW

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