Justin Bieber shares Pastor Judah Smith’s guided prayers on Instagram: ‘They have really been helping me’

Justin Bieber shared two guided prayers led by celebrity pastor, Judah Smith, with his 119 million Instagram followers.Smith, the pastor of Churchome, which has locations in Seattle and Los Angeles, voiced the minutes-long prayer time with music in the background.PASTOR BILL JOHNSON ON THE RECIPE FOR REVIVAL, HOW BETHEL CHURCH EXPLODED ONTO THE GLOBAL SCENE”Here’s a guided prayer,” the “I Don’t Care” singer shared in the caption. “When you have a quiet moment get into a comfortable position and listen.”The pop star, who has been open about his struggles with mental health, added: “They have really been helping me and thought I would share.”After reading a portion of Psalm 23, the megachurch pastor said, “Maybe right now, as we begin this guided prayer, you’d be willing to admit that you feel like you’re in a valley. Things seem maybe bleak or dark, or maybe you find yourself fearing even death itself. I’d like us to take a few moments…I believe that we can find reprieve and rest and even ease our fear as we put our focus and our trust in God.””They have really been helping me and thought I would share.”— Justin BieberSmith starts the seven-plus minute clip focusing on worship and saying out loud a statement of faith: “God, you’re greater than my fear. God, I know that you’re in control…God, I thank you that I am your child and you watch over me because you are my father…”He concludes: “God, we ask that you would help us to serve those who are fighting and struggling with fear. God, we thank you — though we may be in a valley, though there may be fear all around us — you are with us and you never leave us. In Jesus’ name. Amen.”MORE ON FAITHKyle Massey, who starred on the Disney TV show “That’s So Raven,” commented: “I hope everyone is listening to this entire thing like I am. This is powerful.”Bieber recently led worship at Smith’s LA location.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPIn April, the 40-year-old Churchome pastor told Fox News that, perhaps to the surprise of observers, he has learned much from Bieber.”Justin Bieber has taught me far more than I could ever teach him about what it means to grow and walk in humility and be someone who really wants to follow Jesus,” he said.

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