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Lil Nas X’s ‘Wrangler on My Booty’ Line In ‘Old Town Road’ Is Now a Branded AR Experience – Adweek

Lil Nas X’s ‘Wrangler on My Booty’ Line In ‘Old Town Road’ Is Now a Branded AR Experience – Adweek


Lil Nas X’s ‘Wrangler on My Booty’ Line In ‘Old Town Road’ Is Now a Branded AR Experience – Adweek


Your life might not be a movie. It might not be all “bull ridin’ and boobies.” You might not even have a cowboy hat from Gucci.

But as long as you have Wrangler on your booty, you’ll be able to enjoy a VIP moment with this new mobile project from agency Mother New York that honors the denim brand’s shoutout in viral hit “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.

Starting today, visiting on a smartphone will activate a web app that’s designed to detect (as you might guess) Wrangler on your booty.

Scan a derrière that’s wearing Wrangler jeans and you’ll unlock behind-the-scenes footage from the five-minute “Old Town Road” music video that debuted last week after months of the song building momentum via video memes and social media.

The agency says the app isn’t technically augmented reality but rather machine learning crunching thousands of images to specifically recognize Wrangler patches and logos, though to the user, the experience will definitely have an AR vibe.

Wrangler and Mother focused on creating an interactive twist on the brand’s mention in the lyrics that would also be true to the light-hearted spirit of the genre-blending song.

“Lil Nas X invited us into his world by adding that lyric, so Wrangler was already there from the start,” Corinna Falusi, CCO and partner at Mother New York, tells Adweek. “We wanted to stay respectful to that and the incredible world he’s created. Lil Nas X has such a distinct tone on social media, so we wanted to match that.”

The experience is timed to correspond both with the recent debut of the “Old Town Road” video and with the launch of a limited-edition Wrangler product line inspired by the song and created in collaboration with Lil Nas X. Pieces in the collection will range in price from $39 to $149.

Wrangler has grown used to popping up in pop culture over the years, but this time the brand wanted to give a boost to its role in a trending track by creating something fans—of the brand and Lil Nas X—could engage with directly.

“As an iconic brand in fashion, we have shown up in music, film and popular culture for decades, but this is the first time our jeans are actually the key to unlocking a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a chart-topping hit,” says Jenni Broyles, vp and general manager of Wrangler North America. “We’re incredibly excited about the success of ‘Old Town Road’ and our partnership with Lil Nas X.”

The brand says Lil Nas X’s video, which includes a litany of celebrities and influencers, features “an array of Wrangler-clad backsides.” You can check out the video below and try to find wrangle all those booties for yourself.


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