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LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s New Homepage Brings Alerts to the Forefront – Adweek

LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s New Homepage Brings Alerts to the Forefront – Adweek


LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s New Homepage Brings Alerts to the Forefront – Adweek


LinkedIn’s quarterly update to its Sales Navigator lead-management dashboard features a redesigned homepage with a focus on alerts, among several improvements.

Vice president of product management Doug Camplejohn said in a blog post that the redesign will make it easier for teams using Sales Navigator to identify changes at companies, locate relevant prospects and determine the next steps in their relationships.

He wrote, “When we changed the homepage experience from a feed to alerts, we didn’t want to just re-create everything that was there before: We wanted to give you more controls to filter the signal from the noise, and action buttons so you could quickly jump to the next step.”

Alerts now include:

  • A lead started a position at a new company.
  • A lead had a position/job change (within the same company).
  • A lead viewed your profile.
  • Someone at a saved account viewed your profile.
  • A lead accepted your connection request.
  • A lead was mentioned in the news.
  • An account was mentioned in the news.
  • A lead shared an update, article or photo, or published an article.
  • A lead engaged with posts from your company (new).
  • An account just raised money (new).
  • A colleague shared a custom list (new).

Suggested actions are included with these alerts, taking users to the next step.

Sales Navigator users also gained more control over the alerts they receive, including filters and the ability to pause and resume specific types of alerts.


The Sales Navigator Coach series of 30- to 45-second how-to videos, which was added last quarter, is now part of the homepage, and LinkedIn added an expertise meter to show people how well they have mastered Sales Navigator.

Camplejohn said more personalized content will soon be added, along with usage reporting.


He also detailed updates to messaging via InMail and connecting with other people.

When Sales Navigator users message someone from anywhere within the platform, the conversation history with that person will be displayed, and the inbox now has improved filtering, more visible icebreaker suggestions and clear InMail credit status.

And when connection requests are sent via Sales Navigator, confirmations will appear there, instead of requiring members to go to


Keyword search is now faster, and a new guided search experiences interprets what Sales Navigator users are in the process of typing and provides auto-complete suggestions.


Two updates were added to the custom lists feature: bulk adding and removing, and matching leads to accounts.

Users can now bulk-save into custom lists from the search results page, as well as bulk-save leads or account to custom lists from the My Saved Leads and My Saved Accounts pages, respectively. And the reverse is true, as well: Saved leads and accounts can be bulk-unsaved to remove them from lists.

And saved leads can now be matched to any company on LinkedIn, ensuring that users will receive alerts on both the lead and the company.


LinkedIn added to Sales Navigator’s integration with parent Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 for Sales with a live org chart integration, enabling Sales Navigator users to build org charts of any account they have saved in Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Those org charts will automatically display LinkedIn member profile photos and provide access to additional profile information.


Finally, Lucidchart Sales Solution joined the Sales Navigator Application Platform ecosystem, enabling Sales Navigator users to get recommendations for leads and InMail prospects within the context of their account maps on Lucidchart.


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