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LSU coach Orgeron thinks ‘we’re going to have football’: ‘The country needs it … Louisiana needs it’

LSU coach Orgeron thinks 'we're going to have football': 'The country needs it ... Louisiana needs it'


LSU coach Orgeron thinks ‘we’re going to have football’: ‘The country needs it … Louisiana needs it’

LSU head football coach Ed Orgeron told “Your World” Wednesday that he believes college football will be played this fall, but “there’s obviously going to be some adjustments.””Obviously, the safety of our young men will be first,” Orgeron told host Neil Cavuto. “But we’re ready. Our guys came back early. We spent a week, you know, educating on COVID-19. What to do … wearing a mask, social distancing. We have not had one breakout of a virus in our workouts. Our guys have done a tremendous job.””We feel that we’re capable and ready to handle this and ready to play football,” Orgeron added.Both the Big Ten and Pac-12 conferences announced last week that football games and other fall sports will only be played between conference members. The Southeastern Conference — which includes LSU — announced Tuesday that the start of its volleyball, soccer and cross country competitions had been postponed through the end of August, but no decision on what to do about football has been announced.URBAN MEYER ‘OPTIMISTIC’ COLLEGE FOOTBALL WILL BE BACK IN FALL”Will they be playing to a full stadium?” Cavuto asked Orgeron. “How’s that going to go?”I don’t know that, but obviously I want Tiger Stadium as full as we can,” Orgeron said. “And I think that if you do wear a mask, if you do take a temperature, the right people come to the game. I think we can fill it up and have a great year.”Orgeron, whose Tigers are the current college football national champions, told Cavuto that “I do believe we need to play football for many reasons.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”First of all, I think the country needs it,” he said. “I think the state of Louisiana needs it, the economy needs it. We all need [it]. I think all children need to get back to school and we need to get on the right track and find a way to fight this thing.”When Cavuto asked if he believed such acitivies were safe, Orgeron answered, “I do believe that if everybody wears a mask, they practice social distance, it is safe. It is something that we have to push forward and we have to find a way to go on and live our lives the way we live it and to beat this thing.”

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