Man pranks friend on first date by calling restaurant, ordering ‘will you marry me’ dessert to the table

This dinner came with a side of awkward when a man’s close friend decided to have some fun at his expense.BURGER KING BELGIUM IS ANGLING FOR A MICHELIN STAR
Stephen Durand was in for a surprise when he went on a romantic first date and ended up accidentally proposing. 
(SWNS)Stephen Durand, 38, was meeting a woman for a romantic first date at a steak restaurant. Durand apparently told his friend, Lee McIver, about the date, prompting his buddy to call the restaurant pretending to be Durand.NEW MEXICO SERVER SURPRISED WITH $1,200 TIP THROUGH VENMO CHALLENGEMcIver, as Durand, called the restaurant, Finsbay Flatiron in Glasgow, and told the staff he was planning on proposing, SWNS reported.”We’ve been laughing about it, about an hour before his date I phoned the restaurant and pretended to be him and said I was going to propose,” McIver told the outlet.
Durand’s friend called the restaurant, pretending to be Durand, and said he was planning on proposing to the woman he was with. 
(SWNS)”The manager said ‘we’ll bring out the cake and a bottle of prosecco and dim the lights.’”McIver said he paid another friend of his to go to the restaurant and film the event.The restaurant staff reportedly brought out a candle, bottle of prosecco and a piece of cheesecake on a plate with the words “Will you marry me?” written in chocolate.
The woman was shocked and embarrassed by the incident, but Durand seemed to take it in stride. 
(SWNS)The woman was shocked and insisted, “this isn’t our ours, 100% it’s not ours,” McIver relayed.CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTERThough the pair realized the joke, the woman reportedly did not enjoy the prank.”It was £140 ($180) for the prank but it was worth it,” McIver said, noting he had to pay for the proposal plate and his friend’s dinner.

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