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Media and polls ‘hyper-judgmental’ of Trump supporters: Candace Owens

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Media and polls ‘hyper-judgmental’ of Trump supporters: Candace Owens

Conservative activist Candace Owens slammed the media and pollsters for once again failing to accurately predict the presidential election.”There is no honest relationship between the American people and the media,” Owens told “Fox & Friends,” adding that the media “routinely lies” about supporters of President Trump.The “Blackout” author responded to Tucker Carlson’s call Tuesday night for the media to own up to its polling mistakes after several key races were inaccurately polled.”It’s a combination of the media and the polls. They’ve become hyper-judgmental of Americans,” Owens said.FOX NEWS ELECTIONS 2020: SEE THE LIVE RESULTS HERE “When every night you’re telling an American that if they support the president they’re a racist, if they support the president they’re a White supremacist, if they’re a Black conservative like me, they’re a race traitor,” she said. “You’ve lost the trust of the American people because you’re … extremely judgmental.”Owens said the media still hasn’t been honest about why Trump won a historic upset in 2016.”It wasn’t because of widespread racism,” she said. “It was because people felt like they were being forgotten and we see that routine snark and elitism that seeps through the media and seeps through the polls.”CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPWhen co-host Brian Kilmeade pressed Owens on Black support for Trump falling below her predictions, she said it was a “great night” and Trump increased his numbers among Black and Hispanic Americans “by a lot.”

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