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Mother of murdered son pleads to recall Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon: ‘I am begging’

Mother of murdered son pleads to recall Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon: ‘I am begging’


Mother of murdered son pleads to recall Los Angeles D.A. George Gascon: ‘I am begging’

The policies of Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon have walked him right into the danger zone of a recall as city residents fight for a fair and balanced justice system.Desiree Andrade, whose son was brutally murdered in 2018, organized the “Recall George Gascon” movement after the DA’s policies allowed her son’s killers to have their sentences reduced. Her son, Julian, was stabbed several times, beaten, and then thrown off a cliff but the five murderers will no longer face life without parole or the death penalty, Andrade told “The Ingraham Angle.””I’m feeling let down by the justice system,” she said. “These gentlemen are now facing 25 years and only having to do 80% of that time which is 20 years. That is not enough. My son has a sentence; his sentence was death. I will never see my son again. How is it even a thought that they will be out in time to create families of their own and do everything that my son was cheated from?”LOS ANGELES-AREA VACCINE WORKER STRUCK IN HIT-AND-RUN; MAY HAVE BEEN INTENTIONAL, OFFICIALS SAY”I feel let down by George Gascon. I feel it’s personal now. I feel him neglecting us victims is personal and for him not to reach out to me is personal. I think he’s a danger to L.A. County, point-blank.”While sitting in on the court hearing for one killer, Andrade described watching him fist bump his attorney after being given a reduced sentence. She recalled watching the attorney smile back at him which felt like a “slap in the face.””Criminals are now considered victims,” she said. “They are getting more justice than we the victims are and it’s not right at all.”According to J. Wallin Opinion Research, current polling for Gascon shows dismal approval ratings with 61.4% of people opting to vote for an unnamed alternative candidate. Andrade explained that even though she is a Democrat herself, the crisis facing the city’s legal system is non-political and encouraged bipartisan participation in signing the recall petition.CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP “This is not a political effort. This is about a fight for what’s right and what’s wrong. We need to wake up,” she pleaded. “We need to come together as a community, as Angelinos, and get this man out of office.””You do not want to be in my place. You don’t ever want to lose your son,” she said choking back tears. “You do not want to be a part of this violence. You do not want to be about this destroyed criminal justice system. It’s just gone wrong… I am begging all of you to please take this very seriously.”

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