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Mother of three says Virginia county postponing return to classrooms ‘heartbreaking’

Mother of three says Virginia county postponing return to classrooms 'heartbreaking'


Mother of three says Virginia county postponing return to classrooms ‘heartbreaking’

Christy Hudson, a Fairfax County, Va. mother of three, told “America’s Newsroom” on Monday that the county’s postponement of in-person learning amid the coronavirus pandemic is “heartbreaking” and “devastating.” “We are watching our kids suffer tremendous academic regressions as well as social, emotional and behavioral problems,” Hudson said, acknowledging that her two children who are in the public school system and who have not returned to the classroom in more than ten months are “struggling.” Her daughter attends private school and has been able to learn in the classroom, she explained.A Washington Examiner editorial published last week titled, “The vaccine has exposed teachers unions’ true priorities,” argued that Fairfax County is “dragging its feet, even though its vaccination process is in full swing and even though students in the area have had to put up with distance learning since the pandemic broke out in March of last year.””Fairfax’s teachers are now eligible for the vaccine, but Superintendent Scott Brabrand refused to say whether parents could expect their children to return to school soon,” the editorial said. OREGON GOV. BROWN CRITICIZED FOR PLAN TO VACCINATE TEACHERS AHEAD OF ELDERLY TO REOPEN SCHOOLS”Meanwhile, Fairfax’s students are suffering massive academic losses. Failing rates have spiked across all grades, and many students have simply checked out of virtual learning altogether, according to Fairfax teachers.””I think parents and families in Fairfax County are feeling very frustrated right now,” Hudson told host Dana Perino on Monday. “We have been out of school here for almost a whole year.””Fairfax County is letting us down,” she added, noting that “we used to be considered one of the most premier school systems in the country.” She pointed out that the district has “a $3 billion annual operating budget and yet we have not been able to achieve what a lot of school systems around the country have been able to do.” Hudson also noted that parents and students “don’t even have a guarantee yet about next fall.””Our superintendent has gone on the record a few times saying that he can’t assure anybody that there will be a full-time opening in Fairfax County next fall,” she continued. A message Fox News left with Superintendent Dr. Scott Brabrand’s office for comment was not immediately returned. CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”We would like to see ourselves be able to go back to school,” Hudson stressed.  

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