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North Carolina school district goes remote because of gas shortage

North Carolina school district goes remote because of gas shortage


North Carolina school district goes remote because of gas shortage

With parts of the Southeastern U.S. still recovering from a pipeline hack that resulted in fuel shortages, a North Carolina school district is reverting to remote learning on Friday due to concerns staff and students don’t have enough gas to get to class.”Due to the impact of the gas shortage on staffing availability and student transportation, Friday, May 14 will be a remote learning day for all students,” the Wake County Public School System said on its website Thursday. “Principals and teachers will determine what type of instruction will be offered and will communicate assignments to students.”BIDEN REFUSES TO SAY IF HE KNEW COLONIAL PIPELINE PAID HACKERS RANSOM TO GET BACK ONLINEThe move also coincided with previously scheduled Advanced Placement exams which would still take place, the district said, but students were responsible for their own transportation.Athletics and afterschool activities were allowed to take place “based upon resources available,” according to the district’s statement. Parents were told to check in with their schools directly.The move comes as teachers’ unions and administrators around the country are looking into how viable distance learning will be once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.If it becomes the norm to switch back to Zoom sessions during an incident that would make getting to school difficult, some fear it would spell the end of the classic American snow day.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPThe ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline disrupted a major artery responsible for near half of the East Coast’s fuel delivery.It has since resumed operations, but the company said Wednesday that it could take a few days to restore supply lines to consumer gas stations and return things to normal on the road.

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